Sangam Arts

Sangam Arts is a Silicon Valley 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to promote multicultural understanding through performing arts.

Founded in 2013, Sangam Arts has emerged as a leading presenter of multicultural programming in the Silicon Valley. Sangam’s innovative and groundbreaking presentations featuring world renowned artists include the first ever presentation of all 8 classical Indian dance forms in a single performance at the 36th Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in June 2014 and a unique collaboration between Cambodian dancer Charya Burt and eminent Bharatanatyam dancer Lavanya Ananth.

About Sangam Arts

To further its mission of promoting multicultural understanding, Sangam Arts undertakes three types of arts programs

Premium Events – Performances by top-notch artists who are eloquent ambassadors of their art. Nearly a quarter of all seats are earmarked for artists and students from other cultures who are not familiar with the form presented.  In the past 36 months, Sangam has presented over 12 such programs.

Multicultural Collaborations – Curated presentations that bring together artists from different cultures around a common theme. A unique feature of these events is the multicultural audience – most come to watch one style they are familiar with and leave learning about a second one.  Sangam’s presentation,”Dances of Devotion” featuring renowned Cambodian traditional artist Charya Burt and Lavanya Ananth, an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer is an example.

Lectures & Demonstrations– Sangam’s Spotlight series brings informal free demonstrations to various community venues. Sangam Arts presented a Hula demonstration at Mexican Heritage Plaza and a Folklorico performance at the Chinese Performing Arts Center in San Jose.  Majority of the audience surveyed had never watched these art forms before and expressed interest in learning more about them.

Sangam Arts is proud to collaborate with Dr. Kanniks Kanikeswaran and Dharma Civilization Foundation to bring dancers of the highest caliber to the Bay Area production of Shanti – A Journey of Peace

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