``Shanti” is a grand theatrical performance involving many artists and musical instruments, all brought together to enjoy the experience of harmony of different expressions of culture, without losing each one’s individuality. This is what is required by humanity—a capacity to enjoy each other, without the pressure to change and bring others to the melting pot of one’s own culture. A program like “Shanti” makes us appreciate the riches of global culture. The people involved in staging “Shanti” are committed to this cultural harmony as the basis of spiritual accomplishment. I congratulate the entire team and the leader, Kannikeswaran, a musicologist and visionary.``
Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati
``In 1938, writer Raja Rao, in his revolutionary preface to Kanthapura wrote; “One has to convey in a language that is not one’s own the spirit that is one’s own...We cannot write like the English. We should not. We cannot write only as Indians. We have grown to look at the large world as part of us.” These words rings true in the context of Kanniks Kannikeswaran’s music. It would be hard to restrict it as Indian music, yet strictly speaking, his music springs forth from Saaman of Vedic times and reaches through the ragas of classical India to the recent Celtic lilts of Muthuswami Dikshitar. Through Shanti and his larger orchestral works, Kanniks stands out as a truly innovative and global, yet deeply Indian, music composer who has been able to bring together a deep understanding of both Western and Indian musical traditions in a manner that is absolutely unique and enriches the entire world of music.``
S. Ramadorai, Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services
“What a magnificent Show! A truly uplifting night. From start to finish, in all its complexity and its simplic- ity, the presentation was masterful and the content luminous. What you and the cast did Saturday night had an enormous impact on me and I would guess every member of the audience. As I learned about Shanti: A Journey in Peace, I embraced its purpose immediately. The fact that this initiative started in Cincinnati and spread to other parts of the country is a testament to its quality.”
John Pepper, Former CEO, Procter & Gamble Company
“The Indian dance and music tradition is as rich and powerful as it is ancient. To fuse this heritage with what is probably the youngest, if not the most vibrant ‒ i.e. the American music and theater ‒ is indeed a unique experiment. This seamless integration will add a new dimension to the cultural ties between the two countries and create a truly universal musical show. May the message of ‘Shanti’ or ‘Peace’ spread forth across the globe...”
Lalit Mansingh, Ambassador of India to the United States, 2004
``It is amazing that Kanniks has communicated the essence of rAgas such as kalyANi to a western choir and an orchestra through a written score and has had sanskrit slokas performed in these rAgas with perfectly syntactic choral harmony... Tamilnadu will soon get to know Kanniks Kannikeswaran and his amazing music..``
- Writer Sujatha
``The Great Hall was filled to capacity and so were our hearts. You continue to be an outstanding citi- zen of the Cincinnati community and I am proud to have you as a kindred spirit who thirsts for peace, community and justice...”
- Dr. Mitchel Livingston
``The world of Shanti is a cross-cultural paean of peace; a universal prayer for unity. The diverse currents of music call for a multitude of people to breathe life into this monumental project.

The Indian voices deliver enchanting lines packed with exciting rhythms that propel the music for- ward; the Western voices provide a harmonic underpinning and cushion of vibrant sound. The thrill- ing Eastern instrumentation and Western classical ensemble further engage the sonic wonderment.

It is the beautiful array of humanity needed to produce this piece that is breathtaking to me. The purpose of the piece is one of praise and celebration but it is the diverse community of souls that make it happen. Professional and amateur musicians converge, East meets West, a synthesis of sound that transcends what we think is possible: living together in peace for our fragile planet.``

Dr Catherine Roma
“Shanti - A Musical Journey of Peace, weaving its way through 5000 years of India’s cultural history to trace the achievements of human spirit, crossed a new milestone in its epic presentation in Houston on Saturday. “Spellbinding, Inspiring, Awesome, Amazing” were some of the adjectives used by viewers in describing the show as they remained glued to their seats for nearly 90 minutes of the show as Kanniks weaved his magic”
Haider Kazim, Voice of Asia
``This fascinating blend of Indian and western forms spreads the eternal message of peace, harmony, and goodwill around the world...”
Sanjiv Arora, Consular General
``Shanti is a celebration of Peace, and an ancient Wisdom that recognized our essential oneness and completeness, where ``our`` is not limited to a nation, religion, culture, or even species, but to all of creation. Every time I take part in a practice, I walk away feeling more at peace, more in wonder of Life, than before.``
Ramki Kazhiur Mannar

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